Church of the Nazarene – Ethical & Doctrinal Positions

This is a church made by individuals who have come together to form an association based on the doctrines and the ways of the church and who seek holy fellowship and converting sinners to new beings through baptism.

It came in existence in the nineteenth century in America whose members were commonly known as the Nazarenes.
The greatest objective for this church is responding accordingly to the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In 2006 their objectives grew to make new disciple of the church and be a community of faithful internationally.
The Nazarene Church is known for having some doctrinal positions that every member is supposed to follow.
Below are some of this doctrine positions and ethics that a Christian should uphold.

Should avoid all entertainment that is subversive of all Christians doctrine positions

Christians are advised to conduct their leisure time in the Godliest way. One is also advised to conduct his ways and living by applying good moral standards.
Since in modern time, there are conflicting ideas on the topic of fun which might bring unrighteous ways in the ways of the church.

Use of alcohol and other intoxications

The church of Nazarene strictly condemns this practice. It looks into the consequences of this on the overall effect of the individual and the community.
The Scriptures also teach that one’s body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and should, therefore, be kept pure at all times.
The church also requires that Christians should act as a good example to those who are already in life and those have not yet started consuming.


The Nazarene church believes that terminating a life of a very sick person and is in suffering then that will be an act of mercy but not when the terminally ill person did not give the consent himself because he is not in the right state of mind.

Genetic engineering

The church does support the use of genetic engineering to achieve a gene therapy which can prevent or cure diseases
The church of Nazarene does not support any kind of genetic engineering which promotes injustice to the society or any disregarding the dignity of a person
DNA studies are highly opposed because it encourages humans to abort as an alternative live term birth
The church supports that all humility and all that is good and with dignity in human equality it is a commitment to mercy and justice in the eyes of God
The church supports that genetic engineering should be governed

Human being cloning

The church of Nazarene opposes human cloning in all ways since it is a disrespect in the eyes of God human being are valued in the eyes of God
Human beings were created in the image of God and denying person dignity to human’s dignity and best worth bestowed on us by our creator this is against the 10 commandments and Genesis 1:27

Medical research that leads to the destruction of human life after conception

This highly supported by the church the scientific research to storming pursue advances in the stem cell technology obtained from the sources such as adult human tissues and other human embryonic sources
This is considered a righteous end attempt of healing to many people without violating the sanctity of human life.

Doctrinal Positions, of Nazarene Church, has been strongly regarded by the by all communities and by all God worshiping religious churches mosques and temples that they are fair and support the spiritual book in the old testament and new testament of the ways of God and how God wants us to live. The doctrinal of the church of Nazarene has helped a lot in controlling crime and another evil thing that could be done in the name of doing research and protecting the value of the life of a human being.